1500W (1.5 KW) Horizontal Wind Turbine

This is a simple product.The Y series offers you an infrastructure that has been produced for a long time and has proven itself worldwide, with four different alternator options. The horizontal axis wind turbine infrastructure we developed has been used all over the world in all weather conditions and has been perfected according to customer feedback.


It is designed to serve you for a long time without requiring any periodic maintenance with its dimensions suitable for accommodation areas, minimum sound level, ease of assembly and maximum production capacity according to its dimensions. It should not be compared with hobby type wind turbines that promise high power values ​​despite their small size in the market.
Y series is produced to generate electricity and use it for you and to reduce your electricity bills. What does the Y-4000 promise you? All kinds of perfected by using for a long time. It can be preferred with peace of mind in climate and terrain conditions. an infrastructure. An easy assembly process. Minimum sound level. Maintenance-free use.

Not: If you have a solar panel in your building, it can work with the wind turbine. You get more efficiency in all weather conditions.

– 1 Wind Turbine Body
– 3 Composite Wings
– 1 Piece Wing Cover
– 1 Piece Wing Flange
– 1 Set of Mounting Bolts
–  Hybrid Inverter

Horizontial wind turbine is quiet, needs low initial wind speed and is of high efficiency design. It is very suitable for roof and city installation. 300w, 1 kw, 2 kw, 3 kw, 5 kw, 7 kw and 10 kw horizontial wind turbines can meet a wide variety of energy needs, from homes to schools and urban utilities.

House/Farms/ Gas Station etc.
The number of houses and farms that prefer wind energy to reduce their electricity bills is increasing day by day. 3 kw, 5 kw, 7 kw, 10 kw, wind turbines have been installed on more than 1000 homes and farms over the past two decades. Wind power can meet most of the daily consumption of homes for needs such as lighting, TVs, and even some small motors and pumps.

For some business and commercial projects, larger wind turbine models such as 30 kw, 60 kw, 100 kw are generally needed to feed the grid or charge large battery banks. Aeolos wind turbines have had many successful installations in parking lots, supermarkets, small companies and telecommunication stations.

MAXIMUM POWER 1500W Wind Speed ​​(m/s) Wind Speed ​​(Km/h) Rotor RPM Power (W) 1500
TURBINE WEIGHT 32kg one 3.6 0.0 0.0
AVERAGE SOUND LEVEL       32DB 2 7.2 82.7 6.9
WING LENGTH 125 cm 3 10.8 107.4 23.4
FULL CAP 280 cm 4 14.4 131.2 55.6
WING PIECE WEIGHT 1.7kg 6 21.6 181.3 187.5
INITIAL WIND SPEED 3m/s 8 28.8 239.4 444.4
CHARGING WIND SPEED 3-4 m/s 9 32.4 286.3 632.8
MAX RPM 400 cycles 10 36 319.7 868.1
CASE WEIGHT 40 kg 11th 39.6 362.6 1155.4
CASE SIZE 130cm*40cm*50cm 12 43.2 400.0 1500.0

Then Y series, designed by the engineers of our company for those who want to generate electricity in their homes, consists of eleven different models;

● 1500 w.      ● 10 Kw
● 2400 w       ● 30 Kw
● 3600 w       ● 50 Kw
● 4800 w.      ● 60 Kw
● 5500 w.      ● 100 Kw
● 7500 w

Then V series , designed by the engineers of our company for those who want to generate electricity in their homes, consists of five different models;

● 300 w
● 600 w
● 1 Kw
● 3 Kw
● 5 Kw
● 10 Kw

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 130 cm


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