Make the future bright with wind power.

Electrical and heat solutions for greenhouses, farms, gas stations,
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Step into the future with our wind turbines
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Stop gas bill

We finish the heating bills of houses and workplaces with wind turbine and solar panels.

Stop electricity bill

We finish the electricity bills of homes and businesses with wind turbine and solar panels.

For industry

We reduce the electricity and heating costs of medium and large industrial establishments.

Produce - Consume

We solve your energy needs with the wind turbines we produce from 1 kW to 315.


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Artificial intelligence controlled wind turbines

The wind turbines with the most efficient blade profile in the world can operate at the lowest wind speed (2.5m/s).

Vertical Wind Turbine is used in city centers with low wind. In addition, it can convert the wind emitted during the passage of vehicles at highway edges and train stations into kinetic energy.

Horizontal Wind Turbine

Horizontal Wind Turbine can be installed on the roofs or gardens of houses and workplaces in windy places. It puts an end to heating and electricity bills.

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Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the air into mechanical energy. Thanks to the generator in the wind turbine, they convert the mechanical energy generated by the rotation of the blades into electrical energy.

Wind turbines are classified according to the maximum wattage that the generator can produce. The weather vane cannot operate with maximum efficiency because the wind speed is constantly changing. Therefore, users should not calculate the maximum power by assuming that the wind turbine rotates at low speeds.

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Greener Tomorrow for Everyone

We're able to offset expensive electricity prices because our wind & solar panels produce energy much more efficiently than traditional utilities. You save money. We provide free electricity solutions from nature in an economical and high quality manner in all areas where electricity & warming is needed for all kinds of commercial or self-consumption in residences, small-medium-large enterprises, greenhouses, gas stations, chicken and cattle farms, mushroom houses.

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Wind turbines do not harm nature, people and animals. You can recover your expenses for wind turbines in 3-4 months. And after that, you can put an end to electricity and heating bills again. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

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